Chew On Apple Madness

SEP 14, 2020

Hello fellow doggy parents! Introducing this special edition flavor: APPLE MADNESS! Made with real apples, other wholesome ingredients, and a heartfelt mission behind every bag of cookies, these treats are a must-have for your adorable fur baby.

When it comes to the health of our beloved pets, ensuring they have a healthy diet is essential. While there are plenty of other dog treats on the market, many of them are loaded with artificial ingredients that aren’t good for your dog. Victor’s Doggy Cookies aims to change that.

Victor always says, “If you wouldn’t eat it, your dog shouldn’t eat it either!

Our mission goes beyond simply making healthy and tasty treats for dogs. We want to help dogs in need. In a recent report, more than three million dogs end up in shelters every year. It’s a daunting situation, and Victor’s Doggy Cookies wants to help make their shelter lives a little bit more comfortable.

For every bag of cookies sold, one meal will be donated to a shelter dog in need. Shelters rely on donations to make sure all the animals are fed, so it’s crucial that we step up and help so that no animal goes hungry!

With that in mind, pre-order a couple of bags of Apple Madness and help a few dogs in need! Not only will your fur baby love the treats, but you can feel good knowing you helped Victor get one step closer to his goal: to feed every shelter dog in the world!

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